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Model 21 double Shotguns for sale
A. Galazan double Shotguns for Sale
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Remington Parker Double Barrel Shotguns for sale
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Latest Customer Testimonial

The A-10's Lou made me drew praise from laird and loader alike over 2 weeks on moors, shropshire and devon. Many thx
Look forward to meeting you some time.

-David G.

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#31122 - CSMC A-10 Platinum, 12ga., $19,750.00

Connecticut Shotgun is proud to annouce that we are now authorized dealers of:

  • Holland & Holland
  • Rigby
  • Krieghoff
  • Beretta Premium Dealer
  • Dakota Arms
  • Purdey
  • Barbour
  • Leica Optics
  • Francotte
  • Standard Mfg.
  • Swarovski Optics

    Dealer & Manufacturer of:
  • A. H. Fox
  • Parker
  • Winchester
  • CSMC Model 21 Over &
    Unders and Side by Sides
  • CSMC RBL's
  • CSMC Inverness
  • A. Galazan Over & Unders
    and Side by Sides

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Standard Manufacturing Company- Thompson Model 1922, .22LR


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* Connecticut Shotgun is a designated dealer for the DP-12.  If you live in a state other than CT, you will need to send in an FFL at the time of purchase.

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A-10 American Over & Under Double Barrel Shotguns
Built to Order starting at $10,000

RBL Double Rifled Sabot Slug Gun

New B. Rizzini Shotguns for Sale
Used Double Barrel Shotguns for sale

Current Featured Guns:

Inverness Round Body Over & Under, 20 gauge

A-10 American Sporting
A-10 American Sporting Clay
"The Hammer"

#31445 - - Parker Repo 20ga., 26" $4,500.00

#30746 - CSMC- A-10 O/U 12ga., $10,449.00

#31121 - CSMC- A-10 O/U 12ga., $12,150.00

#31071 - SAVAGE ANSCHUTZ, 164M SPORTER,. 22.