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Take Your Best Shot (DVD)


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Take Your Best Shot… with this outstanding approach to breaking more targets and improving your scores, International Instructor and Gunfitter Chris Batha joins Bruce Scott of the Shotgun Journal to deliver the nuts and bolts of Straight Shooting.

Using the New Eye Cam Technology they will show you the lead and technique you need for every target presentation. Achieve the shooting success that will take you from Beginner to Winner. This presentation is intended to help new shooters gain the fundamentals needed to become a great shotgunner and to help experienced shooters correct bad habits they may have developed over the years.

You will learn about: Eye Dominance, footwork, Stance, Posture and Head Position, How to Practice and Groove Your Gunmount, Gun Fit, Target to Target Application of Maintained Lead – Pull Away – Swing Through, Reading the Target: Insertion Point – Visual Point – Break Point,Target Tactics: Establishing Lead by Speed, Angle and Distance, Competition Practice: Every Target Presentation-Singles -On Report-True Pairs


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